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EU Organic Certified

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Superfood wholesale, welcome to the international page of NutriBoost superfoods. We are a leading importer and exporter of organic and conventional superfood, rawfood and greens. All our superfood products are certified according to EU regulations. Therefore we're allowed to call our products - and refer to them - as organic.

USDA Organic Certified

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The EU and US have concluded an agreement on standards for organic production, inspection, certification and labeling them on February 15, 2012. Because of this agreement, the US is recognized as a third country and therefore we're allowed to use the USDA logo as well as the EU logo.

EKO Quality Mark

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The use of the Dutch EKO Quality Mark is restricted to organic companies that are licensees of Stichting EKO-keurmerk and certified organic by Skal. The EKO Quality Mark is only allowed on products containing more than 95% organic ingredients. All our products are EKO certified.

Meet the Team

Superfood Wholesale
Looking for superfood wholesale? We can provide you with almost any kind of superfood you'd prefer. We can deliver both organic certified and conventional superfood, raw food and superfruit products. Our team is more than happy to be of assistance.
Our company: NutriBoost
Superfood wholesale is part of NutriBoost, an organic wholesale company based in The Netherlands. We're a SKAL certified company and can therefore supply you with the best organic products you're looking for. If you'd wish to receive more information after visiting our website, just give us a call or send us an email. For our Dutch speaking customers, we'd like to refer you to our Dutch website: Superfood groothandel.
Different services
We provide our customers with 3 different type of services. We can - of course - provide you with our own (well respected) brand NutriBoost. But maybe you'd like to establish your own brand, in this case we can provide you with our private label service. We can provide the product, packaging as well as the labelling (in other words an end product). At last, we can also provide you with bulk packaging. We deliver worldwide!